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Company News


About the Bluetooth feature!

The Bluetooth feature has been successfully implemented into RigExpert antenna analyzer RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM Option BLE! Probably some of you have already appreciated the work of AA-55 ZOOM Option Bluetooth. ‼️ The main idea is that we are …


China International Import Expo 2018!

Happy to share with you the results of the passed year 2018!🌠 Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. was presented in the National catalogue of Export promotion office ( at the National booth in China International Import Expo🇨🇳 exhibition (November, …

Workshops in the Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. office!

Dear friends, it is time to expose our small secret to you. 🗣 Every week Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. arranges unique workshops!😍 We invite in the role of speakers engineers and professionals in the field of radio, …