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About Rig Expert



Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. was founded in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2004, we started with RigExpert SD, the world’s first transceiver interface with USB connection. Now we are one of the leading manufacturers of transceiver interfaces and antenna analyzers for radio amateur and professional use.

The RigExpert trade mark is registered in Ukraine and in the USA.


The mission of our company is providing radio amateurs and professionals with best radio communication, testing and measurement equipment.


Currently, there are eighteen members in our team:

  • General management: Denys, Serhii
  • Accounting: Olena
  • Orders, Stock and Logistics: Oleksandr, Serhii
  • R&D and Marketing Dept.: Ashot and Kateryna
  • MixW R&D Dept.: Oleksandr, Oleksandr, Oleksandr 🙂 and Serhii
  • PC&Mac software engineering: Andrii
  • Production development Dept.: Dmytro, Oleg, Serhii, Serhii
  • Manufacturing and quality control: Valentyn, Oleksandr, Anton, Denys, Andrii


At this time we are selling several models of portable antenna analyzers (RigExpert AA-30…AA-1400), covering a wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 1.4 GHz.

There is a USB transceiver interface, RigExpert TI-7plus, RigExpert TI-8, in our product line for operating voice, CW and digital modes. This line is extended by RigExpert WTI-1, which makes possible remote operating via a wireless connection.

And we just released the brand new ARDF receiver FoxRex 3500 for 3.5 MHz band.


We are a fabless company so the most of the manufacturing process is done by our partners: VD Mais, Biakom Ltd., Temys. The most responsible part of this process, such as testing, quality control and final assembly is done at our side.


For the convenience of our customers, we have a large network of distributors in North America, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia. Please contact us if you are interested in distribution of our products.