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About Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd


Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd., founded in 2003 by four Ukrainian HAM Radio operators (left to right, on the photo below) Sergei Litvinov (UX1UA), Mykola Fedosyeyev (UT2UZ), Denys Nechytailov (UR8US, now the CEO of the company) and Victor Tkachenko (UT1UA).


Currently Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. employs 30 professionals in R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing, logistics and administration departments. Most of them are licensed and active HAMs.

Over the years Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. became a well-known brand and recognized leader in development, production and global sales of antenna analyzers, transceiver interfaces, ARDF equipment and amateur radio software. RigExpert products are being exported to more than 30 countries. Based on sales information, our devices are used in more than 150 countries worldwide.

The RigExpert trademark is registered in Ukraine and in the USA as well.

Key milestones

2003 – Founding of the Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. The first USB controlled transceiver interface, RigExpert (later renamed to RigExpert S/D) was presented to the amateur radio community.

2004RigExpert Tiny, a second model of USB transceiver interface, which was simpler and more functional than RigExpert S/D, went into production.

2005RigExpert Plus, a revolutionary USB transceiver interface with built-in WinKey CW keyer, optical audio input and output was developed and introduced to the market. You may find many of them still in use by top Ham Radio operators, many years after their manufacturing has been discontinued.

2006RigExpert Standard transceiver interface was released. Its popularity was so high, that Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. manufactured it for more than 10 years!

2007-2008RigExpert AA-200 and AA-500, without a doubt, revolutionary antenna analyzers with USB port made a real game-changing appearance on the market and gained immediate interest of the RF professionals and HAMs.

2009RigExpert AA-230, AA-230PRO (which later became a bestseller!) and AA-520 – a new range of antenna analyzers were designed.

2010RigExpert AA-30 and AA-54, inexpensive antenna analyzers and new transceiver interface, TI-5 were added to the line of RigExpert products. AA-54 is still a best-selling antenna analyzer with nearly 10,000 units sold worldwide.

2012 – 2013RigExpert AA-600 (another bestseller!), AA-1000 and AA-1400 – new range of antenna analyzers were designed. These analyzers are still very popular, especially among RF professionals. RigExpert IT-24, an ISM-band 2.4 GHz tester expanded the use of RigExpert products to a Wi-Fi band.

2014RigExpert TI-7, a simple portable size USB transceiver interface, and WTI-1, a revolutionary wireless transceiver interface (for remote use) were developed.

2015RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM went to the market to start the new era of ZOOM series antenna analyzers.

2016RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM, the second ZOOM type antenna analyzer, and the TI-8, an inexpensive USB transceiver interface, were introduced to users. Same year, Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. started to support and further develop a legendary all-mode multifunctional logging software, MixW.

2017RigExpert AA-35 ZOOM, a new ZOOM series antenna analyzer, and RigExpert AA-30.ZERO, completed the line of ZOOM series instruments. Also, the FoxRex 3500, an ARDF 3.5 MHz receiver, the first device of the new direction in business – ARDF equipment manufacturing, was successfully introduced to the Amateur Radio Direction Finding community.

2018 – Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. has started the manufacturing of RigExpert TI-5000 transceiver interface and the following ARDF equipment: FoxRex 144 ARDF 144 MHz receiver, and RedFox 3500 & RedFox 144 micropower beacons. Also, MixW4, a new version of the logging software, has been released.

Summary: For over 15 years, about 35,000 RigExpert antenna analyzers and 11,000 RigExpert transceiver interfaces have been sold worldwide.


The mission of our company is providing best radio communication, testing and measurement equipment to radio amateur and professional communities.


We are a fabless company so the most of the manufacturing process is done by our partners: VD Mais, Viakom Ltd., Temys Ltd.. The most responsible part of this process, such as testing, quality control and final assembly is done at our side.


For the convenience of our customers, we have a large network of distributors in North America, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia. Please contact us if you are interested in distribution of our products.